Labour can’t and won’t deliver anything

Jacinda Ardern’s big talk today is yet more empty promises from a clumsy and incompetent Government, National Leader Todd Muller said today. “You cannot believe anything that this Prime Minister promises will be delivered except more tax,” Mr Muller said today.

“The Prime Minister promised three years ago to “let’s do this” and has delivered so little.

“She promised 100,000 Kiwibuild houses and almost none have been built. She has stopped more houses being built at Ihumātao than the entire KiwiBuild project has delivered.

“She promised $1.9 billion for mental health and has delivered just $20 million to front-line services.

“Most disgracefully, she made herself Minister for Child Poverty Reduction but has let it get worse.

“You cannot afford three more years of Labour, You need a strong National Government to deliver more jobs, a better economy and a better life for all of us.”