Labour will say anything to get elected

Labour walking back its commitment to transport projects across the country is further proof it will say anything to get elected, but won’t actually deliver it, National’s Transport spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

Labour announced a number of transport projects as part of the New Zealand Upgrade Programme, many of these were roading projects progressed by the previous National Government but canned by Labour who then recommitted to them last year.

“First it was, KiwiBuild, then it was Light Rail, then it was a commitment to reduce Child Poverty, followed by a point blank refusal to extend the bright-line test,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“Now Jacinda Ardern’s Government is back tracking its commitment to funding much needed transport infrastructure projects across the country.

“Labour’s transport priorities are all wrong. It’s focused on slowing speeds, bilingual traffic signs and a slow tram down Dominion Road.

“Labour has never believed in roading projects, it cut $5 billion from the state highway budget when it first came into office.

“For those living in Horowhenua this is déjà vu. Otaki to North of Levin was included as a Road of National Significance under the previous National Government. It was then cancelled by Labour in 2018, revived by Labour in 2020 and now its future is uncertain, again.

“In our current economic environment flip flops and uncertainty like this is the last thing we need. The Labour Government must come clean and confirm which projects are on the chopping block.

“New Zealanders will be wary to believe anything Labour says in the future. What we’ve seen time and time again is it will say and promise anything to get elected, but will back track as soon as the campaign is over.”