Labour weakens the law on serious offenders

At a time when violent crime is increasing, Labour is set to weaken prison sentences for serious offenders, National’s Justice Spokesperson, Paul Goldsmith says.

“Labour’s priorities in the criminal justice system are hard to understand. It’s as if they’re saying the main problem is that we’re being too tough on our worst offenders.

“Instead of wasting Parliament’s time by repealing the three strikes legislation today, Labour should urgently respond to the growing lawlessness in our communities.

“New Zealanders are rightfully horrified to hear of an innocent three-year-old who was beaten up by a gang member while at a local park yesterday. This morning there have been multiple drive-by shootings, with innocent bystanders getting caught in the cross fire.

“Such violent and cowardly actions deserve the full force of the law, however, Labour is insisting that serious criminals need shorter prison sentences.

“New Zealanders should be able to enter public spaces, or relax at home, without having to fear for their safety. But repealing the three strikes law will put the interests of criminals ahead of community safety and victims.

“While this Labour Government sends the message to criminals that they are soft on crime, National will unashamedly continue to fight the repeal of three strikes legislation and advocate for community safety and victims.”