Labour puts saving own skin ahead of sensible spending

Reports that indicate Education Minister Chris Hipkins gave verbal sign off for the Green School funding shows Labour is more interested in saving its own skin than looking after taxpayer money, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Chris Hipkins’ verbal sign off is essentially the Minister saying ‘it’s not coming from the Education Budget so do what you want’ and directly contradicts his claims he didn’t have a say on this project.

“Funding this project has shown how loose Labour is with how taxpayer money is spent. Chris Hipkins and Finance Minister Grant Robertson knew funding the Green School was wrong, but they let it happen anyway.

“We’re in the biggest economic crisis in a generation, every dollar we spend must be paid back, and it’ll be paid back by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“Yet this Government is more focused on sharing the political wins between Government parties than in achieving the best results with limited resources. Its major Covid-19 economic recovery policy is operating more like a slush fund every day.

“New Zealanders need a Government that will demonstrate to them that decisions are made on the basis of need and effectiveness, rather than political wins.

“National will look after taxpayer money. We won’t be spending it on frivolous projects, we will spend wisely and in a way that ensures results.”