Labour pumped up on debt

Despite the Reserve Bank pumping more than a billion dollars a week to hold up the economy, Labour still can’t deliver an economic plan, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Grant Robertson has been promising he would deliver his numbers before the election, but as usual, Labour doesn’t deliver.

“National has been releasing policies aimed at giving businesses the confidence to grow and invest, to create jobs, and to help those Kiwis who have lost their job to retrain.

“We’ve faced scrutiny and provided honest and clear answers. Recent polling shows we have more credibility on the economy than Labour.

“Labour hasn’t provided Kiwis with any credible plan other than another public holiday and more sick leave. But all this does is lump more costs onto businesses who are already struggling.

“They’ve also resorted back to making big uncosted election promises, like building Pumped Hydro to meet their 100 per cent renewable energy target by 2030.

“Pumped Hydro has estimates starting at $4 billion. The only thing pumping into Lake Onslow will be billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

“Labour is promising to reboot its Light Rail plan for Auckland. Before that ran off the tracks, estimates of this project started at $6 billion, and go as high as $15 billion according to Winston Peters.

“The problem is Labour has made these lofty promises, but we’ve seen no evidence of how they are going to fund them. It’s time they fronted up to Kiwis with the costings.

“Labour are again going into the election with promises to build two of the most expensive infrastructure projects in New Zealand’s history. It is not credible to have no costings or no funding.”