Labour not interested in accountability

The Government’s continued lack of transparency is hurting New Zealand’s democracy and shows the Government believes it isn’t accountable to the New Zealand public, Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon says.

“Labour has grown arrogant and is using its majority to block the Opposition from holding them to account through Parliamentary process.

“On at least nineteen occasions this term Labour has either refused to grant Opposition Spokespeople access to meeting with officials or has blocked the Opposition seeking inquiries and briefings from officials.

“It doesn’t make much sense why Labour would block briefings sought at Select Committee on matters like the Ministry of Health’s response to the damming findings of the NZ Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission or a briefing from the Commissioner of Police as to why gang violence and police response times have soared.

“It is cynical for Labour to use its majority to block the Opposition from holding them to account and demonstrates Labour are not interested in being transparent with the New Zealand public.

“The public deserves to know why their taxpayer dollars are not delivering better outcomes and it’s simply not good enough for Labour to try keep New Zealanders in the dark.

“Labour promised to be the most open and transparent Government that New Zealand has ever had, like so many so other promises they have failed to deliver”.

You can find a list here.