Labour must front on Ihumātao before the election

Labour’s deafening silence on the Ihumātao dispute continues to undermine the business confidence we need to get the economy back on track, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Labour has created more than a year of uncertainty for the landowners after Jacinda Arden’s ill-conceived intervention stopped much-needed homes from being built there.

“Labour appears determined to do nothing about it before New Zealanders go to the polls. That’s not good enough.

“Jacinda Ardern’s finance spokesperson was dispatched to sort this mess out many months ago and he’s done nothing except go suspiciously quiet on what his plans are.

“We are facing our biggest economic crisis in 160 years and every dollar we borrow to get us through this must be spent wisely to build a better economy.

“For this reason, and with the election just around the corner, Jacinda Ardern and her finance spokesperson owe it to voters to be transparent about whether any taxpayer funds will be used to settle this dispute under a Labour Government.

“If there is a Crown deal on the cards, Labour needs to explain to voters why they think it is appropriate to meddle in private property rights with taxpayer money.

“The last thing we need now is to create more uncertainty by stopping houses from being built and giving in to protests on private land. So what is the plan, Ms Ardern?