Labour fudging more numbers

The number of jobs likely to be created by yesterday’s announcement for $100 million for marae don’t stack up and won’t secure Kiwis’ future in long-term employment, Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“The most ridiculous claim is in Canterbury where they claim to create 30 jobs with just $160,000, or just $5000 per job. A short term contract isn’t going to give someone the financial stability of a long term job.

“Labour’s plan is to spray and walk away. There is no commitment to building economic capacity and capability. National would invest in quality infrastructure and public assets and create meaningful long-term jobs for New Zealanders.

“These figures are before even taking into account other costs for these projects such as materials and supplies. It’s quite obvious these numbers don’t add up.

“This funding had to be signed off by the Finance Minister, which begs the question, how could Grant Robertson credibly sign off this funding when the job creation numbers were so farcical? It shows you can’t trust Labour to look after your money.

“$5000 for a job is hardly encouraging for those New Zealanders looking for meaningful, long term employment.

“This is the wasteful approach to spending New Zealanders have been witness to under Labour. Some iwi who have received the funding have more than $1 billion in assets. The Government should not be giving them handouts. It’s the Green School all over again.

“We need to stop the waste, stimulate our economy with tax relief and trust Kiwis rather than assuming government knows best. Our employment friendly policies will encourage businesses to grow, invest, and take on another employee.

“That focus is what’s needed when we’re facing the largest economic crisis in living memory. Not a Labour Party fixated on throwing taxpayer money around and hoping for the best.”