Labour bans state house evictions

Kāinga Ora has evicted zero tenants in the past three years, according to answers given to me by the Associate Minister for Housing (Public Housing) Poto Williams in Parliament today, says National’s Housing Spokesperson Nicola Willis.

“In her response to me at Question Time today, Hon Poto Williams confirmed only three evictions have taken place since Labour came to Government, all occurring prior to April 2018.

“This proves what many have suspected – Labour has effectively banned state house evictions. 

“This is a dangerous policy that has resulted in good law-abiding New Zealanders being subjected to ongoing campaigns of terror and intimidation at the hands of their Kāinga Ora neighbours.

“Labour’s eviction ban has effectively endorsed the right of state house tenants to make their neighbours’ lives a living hell, with horrific stories emerging, including that of an elderly Whāngarei couple forced to move because of the ongoing harassment by their Kāinga Ora neighbour.

“This is completely unacceptable. There must be consequences for people who abuse their state tenancy and use it as a platform for victimising others in such a revolting way. Eviction should be a last resort but it must be a tool in the tool box.

“The Minister for Public Housing, Poto Williams, must urgently revisit this naive and cruel policy and overturn the eviction ban.