Labour admits it has no plan

National Party Leader Todd Muller says the admission by Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern yesterday that her Government has run the country for three years “without a playbook” comes as no surprise.

“The Labour Leader told her party rally yesterday that there was no playbook or plan for her three years in Government, no plan for COVID and no plan for recovery,” Mr Muller said.

“We now see why her Government has been so chaotic and incompetent over three years and has failed against every important measure it has set for itself.

“Labour’s failure to develop and work to a plan is what gave us Kiwibuild and the light rail fiascos, and why child poverty is increasing.

“Labour’s lack of a playbook is why unemployment benefits have soared to 200,000 at the same time job advertisements have collapsed by 43%.

“Responsible government is about creating a deliberate and considered plan and following it – and why New Zealand needs a National Government to get our country back to work.

“National’s plan to create more jobs for you, your family and your community will be rolled out in detail between now and September 2, when overseas and early voting starts. It will be finalised after Grant Robertson chooses to release the Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Update in August.

“National’s strong team wants you to have time to fully analyse our plan before you choose which major party is better to competently build a better economy for you, your family and your community over the next three years and beyond.”

Note to Editors: The Labour Leader’s statement in full yesterday was:

“There wasn’t a playbook for COVID. There wasn’t a playbook for the recovery. And, speaking frankly, there hasn’t been one for much of what has happened this term.”