Labour adds costs, National reduces taxes

“National will help business grow, retain jobs and take on extra workers, while Labour will cripple businesses as they battle the recession,” National Party Leader Judith Collins says.

“This week National has released a plan to increase the worker on the average wage’s take-home pay by $3000 a year. Labour is piling the costs on to employers, making it harder for them to hire new people and making future wage increases even more difficult.

“Increasing sick leave entitlements from five to ten days a year while also increasing the minimum wage to $20 next year shows how out of touch Labour is when it comes to small business.

“Modern employers have bought in flexible working practices to ensure their workers’ welfare and well-being.  This policy is an old-fashioned approach to dictating employment conditions that doesn’t reflect modern, flexible working practices.

“It will only make it harder for workers to keep their jobs.

“National’s plan to stimulate the economy ensures that workers keep more money in pockets.

“National believes in a flexible work place but to legislate for any change in sick leave when small businesses are fighting for their lives is incomprehensible.

“Businesses are hurting and while National is doing all it can to support them with policies such as JobStart and BusinessStart, Labour piles on more pressure, threatening livelihoods.”

“While Labour adds costs, National reduces taxes.”

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