A survey asking what New Zealanders know about their consumer rights shows 96 per cent of Kiwis are aware that laws exist to protect consumer rights, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean says.

“The National Consumer Survey, run by Consumer Protection, aims to gain a better understanding of what consumers know about their rights when they’ve experienced issues, and how they’ve tried to resolve those issues,” Ms Dean says.

“The good news is that the survey showed 96 per cent of Kiwis were aware that laws exist to protect consumer rights when purchasing goods and services.

“However, when asked about how much they knew about their rights, only eight per cent reported knowing ‘a lot’ and 44 per cent reported knowing ‘a moderate amount’. This leaves many consumers who would benefit from brushing up on consumer knowledge.

“The survey results illustrate how Kiwis respond to consumer problems that arise, with 68 per cent choosing to take action to resolve their most recent issue.

“Consumers should feel empowered to seek a resolution when their rights are not met. This means being able to recognise when there has been a problem and asking businesses to make things right. There are remedies available and consumers need to know how to use them.

“For those who want to brush up on their knowledge, Consumer Protection’s website has a wealth of information to help consumers,” Ms Dean says.

The full National Consumer Survey was completed by more than 1,200 New Zealanders in late 2016 and can be accessed at:

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