Kiwis deserve relief from record tax take

Today’s release of financial statements show the Government is raking in more cash than ever before, says National Finance spokesperson Nicola Willis.

“In just five years, tax revenue has skyrocketed 43 per cent from $76 billion to $108 billion – an average of $15,000 more in tax for every household in the country. But even though the Government’s coffers are awash in incoming cash, Grant Robertson won’t make room for tax relief because his Government is addicted to spending.

“Booming revenue growth shows the Government doesn’t have an income problem, it has a spending problem. A careful Finance Minister would find room for prudent tax relief while investing in public services – just as Steven Joyce, Bill English, and Michael Cullen did when they were in the role.

“But Labour’s spending addiction means the Government can’t – or won’t – find the room to just let Kiwis keep more of what they earn. It has its priorities all wrong.

“New Zealand has never had a Government that spends so much while achieving so little. The Government is now spending an additional billion dollars every week compared to National’s last year in office.

“Even so, Labour Ministers have failed to deliver better results in their portfolios, dumping targets and accountability in favour of working groups and bureaucracy.

“Grant Robertson’s ill-disciplined approach is making life harder for New Zealanders. His recipe of more spending, more debt and higher taxes has delivered New Zealanders nothing but higher inflation, higher interest rates, more debt and a cost of living crisis.

“Kiwis deserve a real economic plan, not just more spending. National is absolutely committed to driving better results from Government spending, unleashing enterprise, and letting Kiwis keep more of what they earn.”