Kiwis should demand the debate on Ute Tax

With mass rural protests happening around the country New Zealanders must demand the debate on the Government’s decision to penalise farmers, tradies and boat owners for driving utes, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

“Off the back of National ruling out the punitive car tax last term, during the campaign Grant Robertson promised New Zealanders ‘no new taxes’ under a Labour Government.

“Yet Labour has since announced they will impose a tax on the importation of any vehicle that is petrol or diesel based on their emissions level.

“This is not a policy that was taken to the election and it’s not one New Zealanders have had a chance to have their say on. 

“Whilst there will be a parliamentary process, as with most unpopular things this Government does it will be rushed. 

“Every week I’m contacted by thousands of Kiwis who feel they are being left out and want a say on the future of their country.

“Today I’m announcing the second in a series of National’s ‘Demand the Debate’ campaign on the Ute tax. The billboard campaign focuses on issues that Kiwis deserve to have their say on.

“Labour is taxing hard working Kiwis who don’t have the luxury of being able to use an electric vehicle. It will penalise tradesman who are desperately needed to build the thousands of houses that Labour has failed to deliver, and it will penalise farmers who got the economy through the Covid-19 lockdown.

“Kiwis can’t tow their caravans or boats with a Nissan Leaf – they have been left out of this decision and must demand the debate.

“We have a Government with its priorities out of order. Its given $2.75 million to the Mongrel Mob for their meth programme and at the same time it continues to take money out of the pockets of hard working Kiwis.

“National MPs will be joining the farmer protest this Friday around the country to send a strong signal to the Government that their parliamentary majority is not a mandate for Labour to promote their ideological wish list. 

“New Zealanders deserve a say on their country’s future and together we must demand the debate.”