New Zealanders will be shocked to learn the Government has hiked the price of its KiwiBuild houses by $50,000 in just three days – and that it either didn’t know or kept quiet about it, National’s Housing and Urban Development spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“Three days ago the Government’s capitulation on its promise to build 100,000 houses itself culminated in its plea to the private sector for help – its Invitation to Participate.

“That alone contained news to New Zealanders – including Phil. That the Government wouldn’t ‘build’ 100,000 houses as Phil promised, and that it couldn’t ‘facilitate’ them either, for the $2 billion Phil swore was enough.

“Oh, and the bigger houses will also sell for up to $650,000, rather than the $600,000 cap he’s committed himself to.

“Phil claims the document published this week was poorly worded but he can’t argue with the words that came out of his own mouth when he admitted this morning the price of a one bedroom KiwiBuild/buy/facilitate apartment is actually $50,000 more than his own document says.

“Here’s something that won’t come as a shock to anyone: Phil Twyford’s grand KiwiBuild plan is a hot mess.

“He can’t build the number of houses he promised, he can’t do it at the cost he promised and he can’t sell them at the price he promised. And let’s not forget he’s stuffing the residential construction market in the process.

“What else aren’t you telling us Phil? And what can New Zealanders expect next? And how can developers trust you? These are serious questions and there is so much at stake.

“Another day, yet another broken promise.”

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