National Party Housing Spokesperson Michael Woodhouse has welcomed Phil Twyford’s clarity that Kiwibuild would deliver 100,000 homes over and above what the private market or former National Government were going to deliver.

“Mr Twyford has been fudging the numbers for Kiwibuild since he came into office, and was suggesting it might include houses bought from developers and Government housing projects already in plans. Kiwibuild was becoming Kiwibuy,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“Following questions in the House yesterday, Mr Twyford was finally clear that the 100,000 Kiwibuild homes would be over and above what the private market or National Government were going to deliver.

“We now have clarity about how we can hold Mr Twyford to account.

“Mr Twyford has set a very challenging target for himself, given 200,000 houses are already expected to be built over the next six years – the equivalent of four Dunedins.

“And the Government has now clarified that Kiwibuild will also be in addition to the 34,000 new houses the previous Government were going to deliver in Auckland through the Crown Building Project.

“Mr Twyford’s Kiwibuild programme was built on vague promises and plans. Now he has given clarity about what he will deliver, I am determined to hold him to account for doing so.”

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