KiwiBuild celebrates four years of failure

Today marks the fourth birthday of KiwiBuild, but there’s nothing for the Government to celebrate with just 1,366 homes built out of the 100,000 promised, National’s Housing spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“After promising to deliver 100,000 homes and fix the housing crisis, KiwiBuild has delivered a meagre 1.4 per cent its target.


“At its current rate, KiwiBuild will hit the 100,000 mark in the year 2315!”


“Last month, Housing Minister Megan Woods ludicrously claimed that KiwiBuild is ‘alive and well’, but no amount of spin can hide the utter policy failure.


“In July 2018, then-Housing Minister Phil Twyford said that KiwiBuild would deliver 1,000 homes within a year, another 5,000 by June 2020, and 10,000 in total by June 2021.


“In July of 2022, the total is still just 1,366.


“Labour has utterly failed on housing. Rents are up $150 per week, the state housing wait list is at an all-time high of 27,000, and just this month the Government racked up $1 billion being spent on emergency housing since it came to office. 4,500 Kiwi kids will wake up tomorrow living in a motel.”


“Labour cannot achieve anything, and KiwiBuild is the poster child of their failure to deliver.”