Kiwi businesses deserve a government focused on the basics rather than smoke and mirrors to hide the harm the coalition Government’s anti-growth policies are doing to the economy, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Todd McClay says. 

“With slowing GDP growth and talk of deficits and recession the Government must take responsibility for the harm its policies are doing domestically.  

“Kiwi business are crying out for better infrastructure, balanced employment laws, lower costs and less regulation. They need a government that can get the basics right on economic growth and development.

“For instance, businesses are desperate for skilled workers yet significant delays in visa processing is slowing business down. 

“Tourism businesses are missing out on $150m this year because of falling visitor numbers from key markets whilst the government dreams up new tourism taxes. 

“Export education is being put on hold as our universities and polytechnics miss out on $70m of fees this year because student visas aren’t being processed.   

“This Government inherited a strong economy, big surpluses and National’s proven economic plan. They’re wasting the hard work of kiwi businesses who deserve better. 

“This part time Government must get the basics right before businesses are forced to be part time too.”

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