The true cost of the Government’s Criminal Justice Summit has been released showing the Government spent almost a million dollars on consultants alone, with the total bill reaching more than $1.6 million.  

“The breakdown of costs from the summit show the final bill included $970,660 on consultants, $26,592 on an MC, $65,800 on gourmet catering and $101,528 on international speakers, the total was $1.625 million.

“Justice Minister Andrew Little needs to take responsibility for the wasteful spending of taxpayers’ dollars. The two-day talk fest failed to properly hear from victims or Māori and Mr Little has now pledged to have two further summits.

“Mr Little needs to let us know whether the next two summits will also have the same price tag attached.

“The cost would be easier for taxpayers to swallow if they were getting value for money, but the Summit was talkfest that had no clear objectives and has shown no outcomes.

“It’s clear Mr Little has tried to avoid proper scrutiny by releasing this overdue information during the last Question Time for this sitting block. This meant the Minister would avoid questions from journalists on his way into Parliament and from the Opposition in the House. That’s cynical even for a Government which has proven to be the least open and transparent we’ve ever seen.”

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