Shane Jones has lashed out once again as he struggles with being in a Government that is acting against the interests of regional New Zealand, National’s Regional Development Spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Confronted with the reality of being part of a Cabinet that is systematically tearing down the foundations of regional prosperity, every few weeks Mr Jones chooses a new target to attack to try and pretend that he is the regions’ champion,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“This week’s target is officials in Government who apparently are slowing him down.

“Mr Jones is determined to shovel $3 billion of taxpayers’ precious money out the door as fast as possible. Anybody that troubles him with due process and asking pesky questions like ‘what are getting for this money?’ is abused.

“Softening the line’ between the Government and bureaucracy is code for removing any restraints from him, as a politician, allocating funding as he sees fit.

“He is already skating on thin ice with one of the murkiest fund-allocation processes known to mankind.

“One of the most precious things the Ardern-Peters Government has inherited from previous New Zealand Governments of every political persuasion is an international reputation for low levels of corruption.  

“Our independent and politically neutral public service is a big part of that. Yes they can be frustrating at times but they are there for good reason – to ensure taxpayers’ money isn’t wasted and everyone is treated fairly.

“Ms Ardern should defend the integrity of our political institutions and tell Mr Jones to pull his head in.

“If Mr Jones really wants to be the regions’ champion he should fight harder to resist the damage his Government is doing to the regions – such as unilaterally lopping off important industries like exploration for oil and gas, pulling back on large scale irrigation, withdrawing funding for state highways to the regions, adding more costs on to the tourism industry, putting more barriers in the way of foreign investment… the list goes on.  

“But, that’s clearly too hard. So he’s trying to cover it up by having a whack at the public service instead.”

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