Jobs crisis laid bare

“The scale of our economic and jobs crisis is starting to become clear,” National Leader Todd Muller said today. "Data released this week by leading employment website, SEEK, shows jobs advertising has collapsed by nearly a half since February - standing at just 57.1 per cent of pre-COVID-19 levels over the last two weeks.

“This is disastrous news for the 200,000 New Zealanders now on Jobseeker or COVID-19 relief payments, including the 50,000 who have joined the ranks of the unemployed since mid-March.

“It is despite the $12 billion borrowed for wage subsidies and the return to level 1.

“On Wednesday, Statistics NZ, the Reserve Bank and The Treasury released the New Zealand Activity Index, which showed a 19 percent decline in April on the same month last year.”

“Our economy is struggling to find its feet. National has a plan to create jobs and boost the economy.”

“Labour has shown over the past three years that it can’t deliver on anything except more borrowing and tax.

“My National Government will bring back strong, competent economic management to get you, your family and your community back to work.”