It’s time for a captain’s call on level 1

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern needs to make a captain’s call on moving the country to level 1, Leader of the Opposition Todd Muller says.

“If we’re really a team of five million in the fight against Covid-19 then we all need to know what the game plan is.

“Every day the Government waits to make this shift is another day that businesses sink deeper into debt and the economic crisis in this country worsens.

“The Prime Minister already has the information at her fingertips, there’s no need to wait until Monday for another meeting.

Job numbers collapsed by a record 37,500 in April – the worst fall in both numbers and percentage terms in more than 20 years. More jobs were lost in April and May than during the entire Global Financial Crisis.

About 43,000 people have signed up for the dole since Covid-19 restrictions began.

“It’s time for a captain’s call on moving to level 1 today, not a vice-captain’s call from last week.”