It’s ‘Official’ – Poto has got to go

The suggestion by the Minister of Police that media should use the Official Information Act to find out if the officers who arrested the MIQ escapee were vaccinated against Covid-19 is astounding, says National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown.

Asked by NewstalkZB Christchurch host John MacDonald this morning whether frontline police who apprehended the escapee had been vaccinated, Williams responded: "Why don't you put in an OIA?"

“Hiding behind the OIA, rather than answering a straight-forward question or undertaking to get back to journalists, just shows how out of touch she is with the responsibilities of her portfolio,” says Brown.

“There are only two conclusions we can draw – she hadn’t asked officials for the advice, or she knew the answer and didn’t want to give it, given the fact she failed to stand up for frontline officers to ensure they were all prioritised for the vaccine rollout.

“Either way, it’s yet another example of her rank incompetence.

“The Minister continues to fail frontline officers on vaccination and protecting them from increasing firearms violence being perpetrated by gangs against Police.

“Poto has got to go.”