National supports an independent foreign policy that works in the best interests of New Zealand. That means promoting shared values, enhancing security, and extending trade partnerships to create growth and opportunities for New Zealanders.

We must continue to build trust with New Zealanders that our foreign exchanges are in their interests.  And we must maintain confidence with international partners that our contributions make a positive impact on the global community.

We believe that more can be done to deepen our relationships around the world. Our trade can be more ambitious and deliver more opportunities to our businesses, consumers and travellers. Our support for developing countries can be more targeted to delivering results. 

This document outlines a vision from National and a number of questions and proposals on how to chart our course in the world, consistent with our core values and our responsibility to provide security and opportunities for New Zealanders. We want your views as we develop policy for the 2020s. Please download and read the document below and fill out the online survey to provide feedback.

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