Economic Development Minister Simon Bridges has acknowledged the innovation of teams which presented solutions to challenges of dealing with government at a Wellington event today.

The R9 Accelerator 3+ Demo Day is the culmination of three months’ intensive work by teams of entrepreneurs, innovators, and government specialists, each of which devised a solution to a particular challenge. They presented their solutions to potential private sector and government investors.

The R9 Accelerator is one of the first large scale GovTech accelerators in the world. A radical evolution in the way government solves problems, the R9 Accelerator makes it easier and faster to solve major customer pain points in a low-risk, low-cost, innovative way.

“The teams worked hard to come up with practical answers to thorny problems of dealing with government,” Mr Bridges says.

“Teams tackled questions including how to simplify the process of getting government grants for businesses, using data to personalise government services, and how to put all the information needed by start-up businesses in one place.

“They also looked at social issues such as supporting people with mental health problems to find and stay in work, and simplifying the administrative burden for people who have lost a loved one.”

Mr Bridges says the teams’ solutions showed how much can be achieved with the Accelerator model.

“Accelerators are taking off all over the world. What makes this one special is that it focuses on challenges of dealing with government – one of only a few in the world to do so – and builds teams from the private and public sector.

“The fast-paced iterative model of solving problems fosters exactly the sort of innovation we need to keep our economy growing strongly and put customers at the centre of everything we do.”

The R9 Accelerator, currently in its third round, is part of the continuing work towards the Government’s Better Public Services Result 9: that businesses gain value from easy and seamless dealing with government.

Mr Bridges today launched a refreshed Result Action Plan for the result, which has recently been extended for a further three years.

The plan sets out how the Government will reach two specific targets: reducing the cost for business of dealing with government by 25 per cent, and government services to business having similar key performance ratings as leading private sector firms, both by 2020.

‘The R9 programme has already improved businesses’ ease of interaction with government, as measured in six-monthly polls,’ Mr Bridges says.

“I am confident the strategies laid out in the plan will advance this work, which is a key part of the Government’s aim of creating a prosperous and successful New Zealand.”

Further information about the R9 Accelerator teams and more information about the programme can be found here.

The refreshed Result 9 Result Action Plan can be found here.                     

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