The Government’s refusal to commit to important roading projects right around New Zealand is undermining regional confidence and jeopardising much-needed housing developments, National Party Transport Spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“His refusal to give communities around New Zealand surety about important roading projects will undermine confidence, slow down or stall housing developments and prevent the building of safer, faster roads.

“Among those the Minister is refusing to commit to is the Redoubt Rd to Mill Rd corridor project from Manukau and Flat Bush to Papakura and Drury.

“NZTA had already committed funding to this project because it is an area of such high growth, with major housing developments in the pipeline.

“The Transport Minister’s failure to provide certainty for important transport projects will have housing developers rightly asking whether they should go ahead and build.

“He’s also refused to commit to the extension of the Waikato Expressway from Cambridge to the Kaimai Range and the Christchurch to Ashburton road project. These are important regional roading projects which would have encouraged growth and ensured safer journeys.

“You’d have thought that since he is also Housing Minister he’d be more aware of the impact his indecision is having.

“That’s not good enough. Strong transport connections are vital to continuing the strong growth in New Zealand’s cities and regions. The Government needs to stop undermining that and support local communities.”

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