The Government has said a Capital Gains Tax is about fairness and equity, but by looking to exclude Māori from a GGT, it’s contradicting its own position, National Leader Simon Bridges says.

“Māori aspirations are the same as all New Zealanders. Māori want more money in their back-pockets and to know their tribal assets are working for them. Māori work hard, scrimp and save, start businesses, create jobs and pay wages, just like all hard working Kiwis do. 

“By excluding iwi from a Capital Gains Tax, the Government would be sending a clear signal that a CGT would have a negative impact on Māori and their assets. If the proposed Capital Gains Tax will have negative implications for Māori, then it will have negative implications for all New Zealanders.

“The Government has repeated that a Capital Gains Tax is about fairness, but extending tax-breaks on the basis of race is anything but.

“The Government is mistaken in thinking a Capital Gains Tax is the answer, that it can maintain the economy’s momentum and lift productivity by taxing more and exempting Māori at the same time.

“National believes all New Zealanders already pay enough tax. The Government should be looking at tax relief for all, not taking even more out of the pockets of New Zealand families.

“We say no to new taxes, for all Kiwis.

“If a Capital Gains Tax is bad for Māori, then it’s bad for every New Zealander. There shouldn’t be exemptions for some. That’s not the Kiwi way.”

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