Hundreds of Cantabrians turned out in Ashburton today to listen to Bill English and show their opposition to Labour’s ongoing attacks on regional New Zealand.

The meeting, organised by Irrigation New Zealand and National’s Rangitata candidate Andrew Falloon, drew a crowd of close to 400 who are concerned about Labour’s unclear tax plans and scapegoating of regional communities.

“The overwhelming feelings people are experiencing are fear and uncertainty,” Mr Falloon says.

“Prime Minister and National’s Leader Bill English gave a great speech about how Labour simply doesn’t have any idea about what is going on in regional New Zealand.

“Farmers and food producers are doing a huge amount to clean up the environment and move towards more sustainable farming practices. Labour is hell-bent on hitting them with unfair taxes and pretending that people living in urban areas are perfect.

“We’re in a situation where hardworking people in regional New Zealand are genuinely worried about what this tax would do to their business, and Labour simply won’t answer them.

“Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve met farmers who work incredibly hard. They have families, they provide food for their local communities and for people in the cities. They are quite genuinely feeling pressured and say that Labour’s new taxes are their number one business concern right now.

“Jacinda Ardern and Labour need to front up to farmers, explain what their taxes would cost and end this stress and uncertainty.

“The turnout today shows regional New Zealand won’t take this lying down.

“National will keep working to reduce costs on our farmers and food producers, help their businesses grow, and work with them to become more environmentally sustainable.”

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