Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha now has no choice but to stand aside after confirmation that two official complaints about alleged bullying have been lodged against him, National’s Police Spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“Mr Haumaha must stand aside or Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should make him after it was revealed today that two women that the Deputy Commissioner is accused of bullying have made formal complaints to the Police about his conduct.

“The complaints have now been referred to the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

“It is just not tenable for Mr Haumaha to stay in the role while these official complaints are dealt with, which are on top of the independent inquiry into his appointment led by Mary Scholtens QC.

“Mr Haumaha will be working at Police HQ either in or near the same office as witnesses to his alleged bullying. Probity demands he stand aside while the inquiries take place.

“The handing of this case by the Government has been woeful from the get-go and today’s revelations just continue what has been an utter debacle for the Government.”

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