Harsh reality brought to light by Unicef report

The Unicef report which reflected the poor rates of child wellbeing in New Zealand, represents the lack of support this Government has provided for children, National’s Children spokesperson Alfred Ngaro says.

“This report is a stark reminder of the inequalities in our country and the harsh reality of so many young New Zealanders growing up here. The statistics on child obesity, youth suicide, and low levels of proficiency in reading and maths all show that we are not doing enough for our youth.

“The conditions for children have gotten worse in the last 18 months. This Unicef report was updated over an 18 month period and gives an accurate representation of New Zealand today, not three years ago when National were in Government.

“Whilst damning for New Zealand, it is damning for our Prime Minister who, after personally taking on the portfolio of children, has not made any improvements for children in her three years.

“It is just not good enough that we’ve been ranked 35 out of 41 countries – this is even further behind where we were three years ago.

“The stats are clear, we’re a long way off from this being the best place in the world to be a child. This is something that must change.

Labour have failed to deliver for children, this incompetent Government should not hold the livelihoods of our next generation in their hands. After all these false promises, Labour are only proving themselves wrong and have been doing so for the last three years.”