Hardship & Public Safety


Our third priority for the year is helping those who face hardship, particularly as a result of COVID-19, and keeping people safe.

We need to support those Kiwis who have lost their jobs, who are struggling to make ends meet, who have to work two jobs just to pay their bills.

I want to make sure every New Zealander has a fair go. That they know they will be supported to move forwards, not backwards.

Part of the solution is growing the economy to create jobs and lift wages but we also need targeted, evidence-based support to help people most in need. Helping families get back on their feet and into work is especially important when we have had so much economic upheaval over the past three years.

The Government dumping people in motels, and gangs recruiting faster than the Police is a recipe for greater material hardship and a disconnected society. While the Government talks about caring and kindness, and may have good intentions, they far too often lack the ability to simply get things done.