Greens climate taxes risk economic recovery

Changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) announced today will pile extra costs and taxes onto New Zealand businesses at a time when they can least afford them, National’s Climate Change spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“These new rules mean prices will go up and it will be consumers and business who will have to foot the bill.

“James Shaw has announced that the carbon price is effectively rising to $35.00 by stating he will move up the fixed price. However it is a bit like increasing the minimum wage on the eve of a recession, well-intentioned but foolish considering the circumstances. 

“His decision to partially defer implementation of changes to foresters shows he realises the cost to everyday New Zealanders will be high. But the Greens always place their ideology ahead of pragmatic policy decision-making.

National is calling for the entire Bill to be postponed for at least 12 months.

“We need our exporters to succeed in a competitive and price-sensitive international marketplace. Hobbling them with extra carbon costs in the name of green ideology won’t help but will only put them at a bigger disadvantage.

“What James Shaw calls ‘fair and affordable’ is really just green-speak for extra costs and higher charges for New Zealand businesses who are already struggling with the greatest economic downturn in 100 years.”