Grant Robertson flip-flopping on tax

The Finance Minister’s flirtation with extending the bright-line test suggests Labour’s pre-election commitments on tax were just empty promises, National’s Shadow Treasurer Andrew Bayly says.

“On the September 9, Grant Robertson publicly ruled out any changes to the bright-line test on property. He was very clear, he wouldn’t be touching the rate or the years.

“Now that the election has past, he’s gearing up for a flip-flop. It just goes to show Labour can’t be trusted when it comes tax.

“It’s black and white. Grant Robertson promised New Zealanders he wouldn’t touch the bright-line test; now he’s now asked officials to investigate extending it. It’s as if he wants to set some sort of record for how quickly Labour can break an election promise.

“The Finance Minister needs to stop being cute with the facts. It’s clear that if the Government extends the bright-line test more Kiwis will be paying this tax than before, and more tax revenue will be collected by the Government.

“The Labour Government is borrowing billions and billions right now, and they will come after New Zealanders and their hard-earned money to pay it back. This is only the beginning.

“Tinkering with tax doesn’t build houses. Our house prices are soaring because we don’t have enough supply. The Government should get on with immediate RMA reform to remove the barriers preventing new houses from being built, rather than fiddle with tax.”