The Labour Party’s announcement on GP visits is just another “me too” idea following on from their Dunedin Hospital announcement yesterday, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

“They have literally copied National’s announcement from last week targeting low income New Zealanders, and tacked on a $10 universal subsidy over the top,” Mr Joyce says. “That’s the level of thought they’ve put in.

“Targeting low-income New Zealanders is a good idea, which is why we announced it. But for every other New Zealander, it’s a poor exchange.

“Labour would take $26 a week off New Zealand families by cancelling the Family Incomes package, and give them back $10 for a doctor’s visit.

“If Labour committed to National’s Family Incomes Package, families would put some of the money towards a doctor’s visit one week, and something else they need the next week. Why can’t they trust people to take more of their own decisions?

“Labour acknowledges how little work they have put in to this proposal by immediately saying they would review it if and when they get into government.

“However it’s amazing that they propose to spend over $1 billion in four years on a policy and then set up another working group to look at it.

“Once again, it’s a policy done on the fly, proving again we are all dealing with the same old Labour Party.”

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