Andrew Little needs to seriously consider the changes put forward by the National Party for the Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill or he will lose our support, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“The safety of New Zealanders is paramount to National. The sensible changes we have put forward will keep New Zealanders safe from terrorists. Andrew Little being so quick to dismiss them without even meeting with us is arrogant and could put lives at risk.

“Mr Little clearly wrote the Bill to try to get the support of the Greens. We believe it is inadequate. Given the Greens won’t support this, he now needs to rewrite it so that it represents the wider Parliament.

“Andrew Little needs to commit to a meeting with National next week and show that he will work with us in good faith and in the interest of National Security, or we will pull our support before first reading.

“The Government claims that it wants to keep New Zealanders safe, but it’s saying one thing while its actions are inadequate. National is serious about keeping New Zealanders safe. If Andrew Little can’t work with us in good faith, this will be on his conscience, not ours.”

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