Govt must rule out banning school drop-off

Michael Wood needs to make it clear that the Government will not be dictating how parents can and can’t drop their kids off at school, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“When asked on Newshub’s AM if Labour’s radical transport proposals could result in banning cars from streets near schools, Michael Wood could only say it’s ‘not necessarily' the case.

“This is deeply concerning for thousands of parents around their country who rely on their cars to transport their kids to and from school safely.

“The Government’s ‘Reshaping Streets’ policy clearly reveals Labour’s deeply ingrained anti-car ideology.

“Under the proposals, road controlling authorities around New Zealand will have drastically heightened powers to rip up streets at their own discretion.

“This means less consultation with communities when it comes to creating cycleways, removing on-street car parks, installing speed bumps and reducing speed limits. Without the proper consultation that communities deserve, road users will just have to stomach these changes whether they like them or not.

“Kiwis could also lose access to their street due to ‘modal filters’, which would effectively allow the banning of cars, or some types of cars, from some streets. Additionally, streets could even be used as playgrounds at certain times during the day.

“People have a right to access their home with a vehicle, but even that could be in jeopardy when local road controlling powers are given absolute authority without having to go through suitable consultation.

“The handbrake should be put on these proposals immediately. Increasing road safety should happen in consultation with communities - not by giving enormous powers to unelected bureaucrats.

“That Michael Wood failed to rule out that these proposals could essentially end up banning the school run is deeply concerning. The Minister needs to front up and clarify his position to parents that are rightfully concerned.”