The Government’s arrogant dismissal of real concerns from businesses will only make business confidence fall faster, National’s Economic and Regional Development spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Survey after survey is showing business confidence tanking and Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s claim it’s just an issue of perception are wrong. It’s a justified response to a lack of leadership, bad decisions and poor policy and the Government must shoulder the responsibility.

“On Q and A this morning, Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief Executive Michael Barnett said businesses are genuinely concerned.

“Mr Barnett said there was ‘a black hole of decision making’, the Government’s attitude to business was dismissive and if things continue the way they are then economic activity will slow.

“That’s concerning and the Government needs to listen and it needs to act, rather than continuing to disparage and dismiss those who disagree with it.

“The problem is it is refusing to listen and when it’s not outsourcing its leadership to working groups – more than 120 and counting – it’s making bad, ill-thought through decisions like axing oil and gas exploration, restricting foreign investment and raising taxes.

“The fact is the Government is slowing our economy down and New Zealanders will pay the price.

“It needs to start making well thought-through decisions that support our economy to grow and improves the standard of living New Zealanders enjoy. Instead its doing the opposite and New Zealanders are increasingly seeing this Government is not up to it.”

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