The release of the Government’s transport policy confirms its intention to rip $5 billion out of regional state highways so that it can fund tram projects in Auckland, National’s Transport spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross says.

“The Government Policy Statement on Land Transport shows that this Government is committed to prioritising rail projects in the Auckland CBD over vital regional highways.

“This policy has already led to National’s next generation of Roads of National Significance being cancelled and the original Roads of National Significance Projects being re-evaluated.

“The Prime Minister has even been caught out by the impact of her Government’s policies.

“She promised regional projects like the Otaki to Levin Expressway were to continue as they were, but NZTA has confirmed that this project is now being re-evaluated under her Government’s transport policy.

“Transport Minister Phil Twyford further confirmed in Parliament that dozens of roads up and down the country are being re-evaluated by NZTA following the Government’s change in direction on transport.

“What’s worse, New Zealanders are being asked to pay more and are getting less.

“Increases to fuel taxes across the country of 12 cents per litre are being proposed over the next three years.

“This is an extraordinary raid on the back pockets of New Zealanders who are now being charged more at the pump but getting fewer roads.”

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