The Coalition government needs to front up and explain its decision to cut funding for one of New Zealand’s leading children’s charities, National’s Spokesperson for Children, Paula Bennett says. 

“This evening we’ve learned that the Government will stop funding KidsCan from 1 July next year.

“For over a decade KidsCan has helped children who are living in hardship. It has provided over 168,000 children across 700 – mostly low decile - schools with over 21 million basic food items, over 500,000 health and hygiene products and over 700,000 items of clothing.

“They are making a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children. In the same week the new Government is talking about passing legislation to monitor child poverty, it is undermining the future of one of New Zealand’s most effective children’s charities. 

“The Prime Minister has waxed lyrical for quite some time about her desire to eradicate child poverty and yet, after less than two months in Government, she’s axing a programme specifically targeting the very kids who need the most help.

“This is another example of Labour’s ideological stance against partnership models. KidsCan is a shining example of how corporate and public funds combined can achieve great outcomes.

“I implore the Government to rethink this terrible decision,” Mrs Bennett says. 


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