The Government’s response to the Welfare Expert Advisory Group report is another example of it not delivering in its ‘Year of Delivery’, National’s spokesperson for Social Development Louise Upston says.

“The Welfare Expert Advisory Group recommended 42 extensive changes to the social welfare system but the Government has delivered on just three of them. There are no recommendations about improving outcomes, like having fewer people in benefit dependent households.

“This Government can’t just keep kicking the can down the road when it comes to big decisions.

“National disagrees with the bulk of the report, which would see fewer obligations imposed on beneficiaries and fewer incentives to get back into work. This is just like the Tax Working Group where we’ll have to wait in limbo while the Government decides what it will do.

“This is another case of the Greens being promised action in their coalition agreement and receiving nothing when it comes to delivering on that agreement.

“Increasing the abatement threshold for people on benefits means people can keep more of what they earn. This is a welcome incentive to encourage more people into work.

“National believes that New Zealanders should be given a hand up, not a hand out and those who can work, should.”

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