Rather than kicking another tough decision down the road for the public to make, the Government needs to start doing its job and make a call on its so-called ‘fair pay’ agreements, National’s Workplace Relations spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“In keeping with this year’s theme of non-delivery, the Workplace Relations Minister is avoiding making a decision on another of Labour’s big election promises.

“Labour campaigned on introducing 1970-style pay agreements, but after two years of Government and nine months since a working group report on the issue, all we’ve got is Iain Lees-Galloway asking the public what they would do if they were him.

“The reality is, the Government has realised these pay agreements will harm the economy by imposing new and higher costs on businesses.

“Forcing all workers in an industry to enter union negotiations if just 10 per cent of workers in the industry are in favour is compulsory unionism by stealth.

“The Government knows that pushing ahead with these pay agreements will see business confidence plunge even further and hurt its poll numbers, which is why it’s stalling for time.

“Iain Lees-Galloway needs to take action and just dump this terrible policy.”

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