The Government needs to release the KPMG report that informed its firearms buyback scheme, National’s Police Spokesperson Brett Hudson says.

“This morning Police Minister Stuart Nash and Commissioner Mike Bush refused to provide key details from the KPMG report that helped design the Government’s pricing scheme for the buyback.

“There are worrying signs that firearms owners already have little to no confidence in the process and this will make it worse. 

“Firearms owners must have confidence that the scheme is fair and reasonable or else people will not give back their firearms. The report needs to be released with the costs recommended by KPMG so that firearms owners can assess for themselves whether the scheme is fair.

“There are dozens of stories of people who will be out of pocket. A firearms expert says they were given just five hours to come up with the prices. It’s also understood that KPMG recommended things the Government has refused to accept, like the buyback of accessories and some common firearms.

“The Government says the scheme is fair but it seems it’s refusing to accept the advice from the experts they appointed to devise it.”

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