The Government’s ‘no eviction’ policy and soft stance on criminal and anti-social behaviour has seen neighbours forced to put up with unruly Housing New Zealand tenants, National’s Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“I warned Housing Minister Phil Twyford more innocent, law-abiding people will be forced to uproot their lives and live elsewhere when his Government confirmed Housing New Zealand tenants won’t be evicted for anti-social behaviour.

“Mr Twyford has his priorities completely wrong, he should be ensuring law-abiding families are able to continue living their lives without fear of their neighbours, instead he’s willing to protect tenants who are involved in criminal behaviour and disrupting the entire street.

“That’s just wrong.

“Housing New Zealand’s reluctance to do anything for either the health and safety of the tenant or the neighbour is becoming an alarming trend.

“A neighbourhood in Hastings has been disrupted with constant noise from gang members and regular visits from the police despite multiple complaints to Housing New Zealand.

“Late last year a constituent of mine contacted me after repeatedly asking Housing New Zealand to replace locks. They had been burgled three times.

“And earlier this year another tenant spent eight months asking Housing New Zealand to repair their home and act on a doctor’s note that requested a larger house for the family.

“Mr Twyford needs to take control of Housing New Zealand. It’s not right a law-abiding family is being punished for the unruly behaviour of tenants. A home should be a safe haven for families, not a place of intimidation and fear.”

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