Another contraction in the manufacturing sector shows the need for a government with a real plan for the economy, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“The latest Performance of Manufacturing Index survey is reporting another month of contraction, meaning the glimmer of hope at the end of last year has flickered out. 

“This is particularly concerning at a time when New Zealand products are receiving record prices overseas.

“The economy should be strong and growing, but instead we have seen a sharp downward trend for manufacturers since this Government took over.

“The decline in manufacturing mirrors the decline in economic growth generally – a decline that is occurring because of the Government’s policies.

“Higher taxes, higher costs, stalled infrastructure, burdensome regulation and proven incompetence is putting the brakes on economic opportunities for businesses and workers.

“We need a government committed to lowering costs for New Zealand businesses and freeing up their ability to do business.”

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