The concerning number of crimes going unreported shows the Government’s soft on crime approach is failing New Zealanders, National’s Justice spokesperson Mark Mitchell says.

The latest Crime and Victims Survey from the Ministry of Justice revealed 77 per cent of crime was not reported to police over the past year – a jump of 10 per cent since this was last measured in 2015.

“The increasing level of unreported crime in this country is worrying, particularly since the report found people’s perceptions about the seriousness of a crime affected whether or not it was reported to Police.

“All New Zealanders should feel confident that, no matter how big or small a crime is, they can report it and see justice done.

“But these figures show the Government’s hands-off approach and dropping of important police targets has left the public disheartened and lowered their confidence in an appropriate response.

“The Government has shown it isn’t prepared to take problem seriously either, with Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters deflecting media questions on the issue by casting doubt over the report’s accuracy, saying it lacks substance.

“Rather than burying its head in the sand when it comes to an uncomfortable problem, the Government should be telling us what it will do to see all criminals held accountable and inspire more confidence in the justice system.

“National will develop policy that ensures victims and all New Zealanders feel confident enough to report crime and help keep their communities safe.”

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