New research that proves that electronic cigarettes are far more effective than existing cessation tools shows the Government must move urgently to make e-cigarettes more available as to smokers who want to quit,” National MP Nicky Wagner says.

“The research tested and assessed the effectiveness of smoking cessation tools and shows that electronic cigarettes are twice as effective at helping smokers quit than the alternatives this Government is offering.

“Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the research found that 18 per cent of those who use electronic cigarettes remain smokefree after the first year, compared to 9 per cent who use other nicotine-replacement tools such as patches and gum, when both products were accompanied by behavioural support.

“Public Health England, an agency of the British Government, has already called for their National Health Service to fund Electronic Cigarettes. They have come out following this research to say that all stop smoking services should welcome smokers who want to quit using e-cigarettes.

“The evidence keeps piling up that electronic cigarettes are effective tools to help smokers quit, but this Government is mixing inaction and proposed regulatory overreach in a way that will make it harder for smokers to access electronic cigarettes.

“There is no reason for the Government to continue encouraging cessation tools that are half as good. Public Health England and others continue to note that electronic cigarettes are around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

“When Parliament returns the Government should progress my Member’s Bill to give certainty and access to electronic cigarettes in New Zealand. It must stop wasting time and act urgently to continue progress towards Smokefree 2025.”

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