The Prime Minister and the Transport Minister can’t agree on the impact their fuel taxes are having on New Zealanders, National’s Transport spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Last week the Prime Minister tried to defend the impact the Government’s taxes were having on rising fuel prices when she claimed the taxes only accounted for 6.8 cents per litre.

“This 6.8 cents only included GST and an ETS change and left out both the Government’s 4 cents per litre excise tax and the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax of 11.5 cents per litre.

“But today in Parliament Transport Minister Phil Twyford used a different set of numbers, claiming a 3.5 cent excise tax and a 10 cent Regional Fuel Tax. This time the Minister failed to add GST to the total amount New Zealanders are paying at the pump. 

“It is impossible to get a straight answer out of the Government.

“The Minister argues these taxes are vital for investing in infrastructure. Earlier this year the Government changed the rules so that it could use road taxes to fund its rail projects.

“National was able to fund rail projects through Crown contributions. Labour’s wasteful spending means it is not able to do the same.

“National’s ambitious transport and infrastructure plan saw record funding for public transport, rail and highways without needing any new taxes.

“This Government is focused on taxing New Zealanders more when it should be reining in its untargeted, low-quality spending.

“National is committed to relieving the burden hardworking New Zealanders are currently facing and are calling on the Government to axe its fuel taxes.”

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