The Minister of Agriculture telling hundreds of farmers to simply ‘get over it’ in response to valid questions about the equity in their farms shows Labour doesn’t understand the role farming plays in our economy, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“Four hundred farmers turned out to the Freshwater consultation meeting in Gore wanting real answers to how the policy will affect them, but instead were fobbed off by a Minister who appears to be wilfully ignorant.

“The Government has released no economic modelling on the proposals put forward, and farmers are rightfully concerned about what the cost will be on their businesses.

“Our farmers produce enough food to feed 40 million people worldwide and their products account for 60 per cent of our goods exports. It is important that policy does not stifle productivity, otherwise the whole country will feel the impact.

“Farmers work their whole lives on the land for the equity at the end, and this Government is undermining that nest egg - the fruit of farmers’ labour.

“No wonder business confidence is worse than ever.”

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