National’s Social Housing spokesperson Simon O’Connor says the Government continues to badly overpromise and under-deliver, with today’s emergency housing announcement a pale imitation of the previous Government’s support – and it’s not even all new funding.

“In 2016 the National Government announced a $304 million emergency housing package for an extra 1400 places at any one time.

“That was new money to help thousands of vulnerable New Zealanders and it was on top of rolling out Housing First, building more houses and increasing the supply of emergency and transitional housing.

“At the end of last year we were spending over $6 million every day helping 310,000 New Zealanders with their housing and accommodation costs.

“That was a serious commitment to helping New Zealanders who needed housing support, getting them into warm, safe accommodation to help people get back on their feet.

“This Government has made wild claims about the number of homeless people in New Zealand and Housing Minister Phil Twyford even told the AM Show this morning that homelessness was getting worse.

“But his answer is to do less and invest less to end it than the previous Government. His $100 million announcement today is a third of the size of National’s package and it’s not even all new money.

“That’s not good enough when they have chosen to instead blow billions on bad spending and misplaced priorities including the $2.8 billion on free tertiary education and $1 billion a year on Shane Jones’ political slush fund.”


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