NZTA have been forced to confirm that the new off-line four-lane Cambridge to Piarere section is not going to happen in the next 10 years and has no indication of when it will be build, local MP Louise Upston says.

“NZTA confirmed today in select committee the Cambridge to Piarere section is not in the 10 year plan and no funding has been allocated to the project.

“The local community will be very disappointed at this news when the new route had been confirmed more than a year ago and property acquisitions were already underway. The previous National Government approved a four-lane extension to the Waikato expressway from Cambridge to the Piarere turnoff.

“It’s disappointing no answers were provided about the other dangerous intersections on the route including Hydro Road, Karapiro Road by Karapiro school and Fergusson Gully Road.

“That stretch of road has seen a number of fatalities and is a concern to many members of our community, especially with the primary school nearby.

“Short terms improvements that are currently underway will continue, but we need a long term solution.

“Additional safety measures may be needed including the suggestion there may be changes to the intersection of State Highway 1 and State Highway 29, but NZTA gave no indication of what other safety measures will be carried or when.

“I’d like to thank everyone who campaigned hard on this, who signed the petition and made submissions to the Select Committee to try and save this extension. It’s disappointing to see the Government disregard the almost 4000 people who signed this petition.”

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